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What happens after a bank closes all of your credit cards?

Back in November I posted a story about how I assisted Chase with finding a security issue in their ultimate rewards points system, and later they decided to close all of my banking accounts, and credit cards (as well as a family members because they were a co-owner of one of my checking accounts).

DISCLOSURE: Unlimited Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

The story of how one of the largest banks in the world failed to protect it's rewards program from race conditions, and how they eventually rewarded the person who helped them resolve the issue with termination of all of their accounts, as well as their families accounts.

Digital Ocean API V1 Deprecation

I use the digital ocean api quite aggressively (20-40k requests a day, 30-100 instances created/destroyed). Basically I am totally dependent on their API working for me.

Re: Starbucks unlimited coffee

This is a response to this Hacker News Post

On 03/26/12 I sent the following email...

YouTube voting system broken?

At 1PM yesterday a friend called me and accused me of helping her video out so that she would no longer have any down votes.

Github leaks 1500 emails

A few months back i applied for a github enterprise trial and apparently they added me to some sort of mailing list. It seems like someone made the mistake of putting the whole mailing list inside of the to fields for all of their expirations. So i received the following emails at 7:01AM.

iOS SDK 5.1 on Snow Leopard

So apparently Apple wants us to upgrade to Lion in order to develop for the latest version of iOS. But Lion still has a few issues that are preventing me from upgrading.

Facebook drops legacy auth and breaks logins

Facebook removes support for legacy API... You should start to be seeing a lot of broken facebook related apps.

Chrome bug with Video and text-rendering

Me and a coworker had one of those very long nights trying to figure out this one. Turns out if you are using..

Safari iFrame always on top issue?

Today I ran into a wonderful safari bug that caused an iframe to be on top of all of the page content, even if you were to put a high z-index on things!

Flickering CSS Transformations

Ran into a little CSS3 bug recently, It pretty much drove me crazy.

IE and iFrame Compatibility Mode Inheritance

IE is trying to fix what it has done to the internet, but they are presented with a major issue.

Working with flash params

I was recently asked a question on how to utilize flash params. I tried to answer the question through twitter but it turned out to be very difficult. The limit of 140 characters makes it very hard to actually have a real conversation, so I'll be answering it here.

Hello World

I will be blogging about fun, and interesting things I run into.

ASQ Hotels