Digital Ocean API V1 Deprecation

I use the digital ocean api quite aggressively (20-40k requests a day, 30-100 instances created/destroyed). Basically I am totally dependent on their API working for me.

I remember reading that they were going to disable their API in November, so I thought i had time. But it turns out that there is a few ways that you can break your v1 access.

  • if you invite someone to your account (teams), all your v1 keys break
  • if you regenerate your v1 key, you will get a v2 key

Long story short I lost access to the v1 API, and was in need of a Node.js Digital Ocean API V2 wrapper.

I was previously using digitalocean-api, when i first started using that module it was about a year ago and it was by far the most popular. No one upgraded it to V2, and it was also lacking promises, and retries.

When you use their API as much as me you notice that digital ocean's API doesn't work 100% of the time, even if they have a success rate of 99.99% thats still 2-4 fails a day for me, so retry support was a must.

So i bring to you a module that does everything that i wanted and supports the same method naming convention as the "digitalocean-api" module.

doapi / Node.js Digital Ocean V2 API wrapper

Hopefully I save someone else from the same situation I was in.

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