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Tumblr Cloud was one of my first viral applications. The original version was extremely simple, it just made an image of your top words. Since then it has really evolved into a full fledged application. Tumblr Cloud was one of the first applications to use Tumblr's new OAuth protocol


The index page is pretty simple and straight forward.

cloud settings

One of the hardest things about making an easy to use application is the UI, I spent a good amount of time figuring out how to offer all the features I wanted and keep it simple to use.

page cloud

Once you generate a cloud something like this gets posted to your tumblelog

page cloud

You will also be redirected to a page that looks like this, it showcases your cloud, and shows the users you reblog the most, and suggests similar clouds.

page user

Every user gets a page that showcases their past clouds they generated

page cloud

When you search something the results show matching users and related clouds


Tumblr Cloud is featured on Tumblr's third party application page


I love this project, I have learned so much from it. The latest version is all flash based, I have some pretty crazy flash/javascript/server interaction going on when you click that "Generate my cloud" button. This project runs on my custom framework that takes advantage of Client-Side XSLT, all pages are pretty much just XML documents that gets XSL pages applied to them.

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