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Statrr was a project I thought would be fun. The goal was to provide website statistics for millions of websites, and also get into chrome addon development.


You can search a keyword, domain, IP, ASN or DNS server


I made seven different top pages: Countries, Hosts, Web Technologies, Server Types, Keywords, Sites, Name Servers, Pageranks


Each domain has a full overview page, showing the sites demographics and traffic rankings.


This overview page also provides four different types of ranking icons a developer can use.

google webmasters
google results

I wrote my own sitemap generator for Google and Yahoo, google crawled all 3,500,000 pages I submitted to it. I learned how googlebot reacts, and what it likes and doesn't like.


I also created a chrome addon for Statrr, It displays the pages popularity and pagerank.


This project took me about 3 weeks to finish, the data base was huge. I was working with tables that contained over 50,000,000 rows. I eventually got all of the pages loading in under 0.01 seconds. The three things I really gained from this project was SEO, working with large databases, and making chrome addons.

ASQ Hotels