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Tumblr Uptime was a project that stemmed from Tumblr Cloud, I needed a way to figure out if Tumblr's API was broken.

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This page provides you with Tumblr's current API status. The API method's are checked every 5 minutes for valid responses, and are benchmarked.

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You should use Tumblr Uptime if you want to provide a great user experience even when Tumblr is not working. Plus you get to tell the user that it's not your fault for the crappy uptime.


I learned quite a bit from making Tumblr Uptime, I got to create an API. About a year ago I met the developers of apigee at the PayPal X convention, I really wanted to try out their product, and I finally got to. Tumblr Uptime utilizes apigee for API control and monitoring. I only spent about a day, and a half making Tumblr Uptime.

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