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The goal of this project was to make working with quick data URI's easy to do, and thats how came about.


Every time I needed to make a Data URI I would forget the format, and sometimes struggle with finding a website that allowed me to do what I was wanting to do. There are many tools out there but most of them are for images, and don't allow you to craft payloads.

After playing a XSS game that was posted on HN, I learned how flexible Data URI's really are, and decided to make something that expressed that. So I took one of my latest react base builds and fleshed out

It's was an excuse to play with some new tech.

  • File API
  • IndexedDB
  • Drag & Drop
  • Image Pasting


Didn't really learn too much doing this, most of it relied on prior knowledge. But I was surprised about how much data you can stuff inside of a Data URI on chrome. Also when dealing with massive amounts of content it was pretty easy to crash mobile safari, and Firefox.

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